Case Studies

The case studies listed below can be downloaded from our website. The number of pages of the document is indicated at the end of the name of the case study.

DAG Case Studies

  • Case Study on DAG’s 2012/13 Leadership Training Programme, DAG Team, 2013 , 60pp. Click to download
  • Unblocking the Khayelitsha PHP: A case Study of the pre-construction phase of 10 Blocked Projects in Khayelitsha, DAG Team, 2012, 30 pp. Click to download
  • Netreg Housing Project; Remaking City and Vernacular Economy According to Communal Needs and Desires by Erin Torkelson from Development Action Group, 2010, 58pp. Click to download
  • A Place To Be Free: A case Study of the Freedom Park Informal Settlement Upgrade by Development Action Group, 2010, 50 pp. Click to download
  • Most Significant Change: Freedom Park, Netreg and HangBerg, DAG, 2009, 10pp. Click to download
  • Unprecedented Innovation: A case Study of the Marconi Beam Affordable Housing Project, Simone Haysom, 2009, 50pp. Click to download
  • Lessons in Leadership: Case studies from Development Action Groups 2008 Community Leadership Programme, Leadership Team, 2008, 83 pp. Click to download

DAG Acknowledged Case Studies

  • HDA Implementation of Emergency Housing – Guidelines, HDA Team, 2012, 76 pp. Click to download
  • HDA Implementation of Emergency Housing, HDA Team, 2012, 52 pp. Click to download